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Month: May 2013

Happy Mother's Day from the R. R. Thompson House B & B

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In tribute to mothers everywhere, some of our favorite quotes about Mom:

The mother is everything – she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness. He who loses his mother loses a pure soul who blesses and guards him constantly. Kahlil Gibran

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. Honore de Balzac

Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own. Aristotle

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Washington Irving

When I was a child, my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk you’ll end up as the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso. Picasso

A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years, but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind. Albert Einstein

When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway. Erma Brombeck

Tualatin River Bird Festival Set for May 18th

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Bird lovers rejoice! The Friends of the Refuge, in conjunction with Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Sherwood, welcome all to their Annual Tualatin River Bird Festival. This is a family-friendly, free event.

Visitors will experience a diversity of activities celebrating wildlife and wild places. Enjoy live bird shows, conservation exhibits, food, and guided walks for adults and kids.

Build a bee board, birdhouse or bat house; try your hand at casting a fishing line; stay under par at the migration putt-putt golf activity; and participate in hands-on conservation activities geared toward kids.

Please note, there will be no parking at the refuge on the day of the Festival. There will be a free shuttle from 12205 SW Tualatin Rd, Tualatin (Two-story Brick Building). Watch for the bright yellow signs. The first shuttle departs at 5:30 a.m., with the last shuttle leaving the refuge at 6:30 p.m. For more information visit:


Photo by Charles Hillestad, McMinnville